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“Martin Richards doesn’t tell many people about his life. Ever since early childhood, he’s been plagued with sharp pains in his arms and sometimes his legs, every few days. There have even been times where wounds have opened on his body, sometimes small incisions, sometimes large cuts that went deep; but there was never an explanation. Institutionalized as a child, no one ever witnessed Marty harming himself, yet occasionally, new wounds would open up, and no one ever knew why. By his mid twenties, Marty had learned to live with the pains that came and went, and he truly started a life of his own, telling no one about his childhood, or the regular, unexplained pain he endured. When he visits a psychic on the ‘off chance’ that he is being haunted in some way, he finds the truth to be far more disturbing than something as mundane as a ghost.”

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